Bakari, Sarabi en Jessy op Zuid-Afrikaanse bodem

26 August 2021

After a long journey Bakari, Jessy and Sarabi landed in very good shape on South African soil last night.
All the paper work was approved by Cargo, so the transport crates were hauled onto the trailer for the rest of the journey.
The trip to The Lions Foundation on Schrikkloof Nature Reserve took another 2.5 hours.
When they arrived, it was quite late and there was not enough light to unload the lions.

Bakari Jessy and Sarabi were released from their crates at first light this morning. They are doing well, have had something to eat and drink and are quire relaxed. For now they are in separate smaller enclosures to monitor them, but they will be reunited soon.

We would like to thank Zoologistics, the The Lions Foundation team and volunteers Aize and Joyce very much for their fantastic help during this long journey.


Jessy (front) and Sarabi