Back to the origins

Stichting Leeuw strives to return the rescued animals, if at all possible, to their natural habitats. Because all animals at the foundation were kept in captivity their whole lives, they cannot survive in the wild. They are not used to natural enemies and have never had to hunt for their own food. It is possible, however, to relocate the animals to an enclosed natural reserve in their land of origin, where they can be closely observed.

The Lions Foundation, South Africa

The Lions Foundation is our own sanctuary for lions in South Africa, where already 13 of the Stichting Leeuw lions have found a permanent home. The sanctuary is situated on Schrikkloof Nature Reserve. The relocated lions live on a fenced area of natural habitat of about 1.5 hectares per animal or small pride. When they arrive, they start out in a smaller outside enclosure and a small inside enclosure, so that they can be observed, get used to their new surroundings and keepers, who also feed them.

Separation room

Bruno en Ziera in big enclosure

Airphoto separation rooms and big enclosure