Tristan, Nala & Asali(†)

These lions were born in a German animal park. Because there was no more room there for the cubs, they were moved to Stichting Leeuw in 2012, when they were about nine months old, together with Asali and Isolde and Simba, who were of the same age. The five lions all have the same father and two different mothers. As they grew up, the male lions Simba and Tristan were separated. They each got their own females. This is a perfectly natural situation; lions always live in a pride.

The sisters Asali and Nala are very brave lionesses, although they can be a bit shy. Nala is a bit more timid, Asali a bit more adventurous. Both have the potential to be good hunters. Tristan was the biggest and coolest male lion at Stichting Leeuw. He is a true leader: headstrong, brave and very inquisitive.

In May 2016 they moved to Africa.

Nala and Tristan are strong animals.

We are very sad to report that Asali passed away in August 2017.
Autopsy showed that Asali was in excellent health, so illness or consequences of poaching are ruled out completely.
She died as a result of wounds on her throat.
We can only assume that the wild play of this pride ended in tragedy.
RIP Asali

Did you know…
…that a transport cage for one lion costs € 1500? The medical examination that allows a lion to be moved abroad costs € 795.

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