Species: African lion
Born: October 2015
Comes from: circus in Bulgaria
Living arrangements: with Ayla
Arrival: March 2016

Aslan was born in a circus in Bulgaria. When he was a couple of months old, he was bought by someone who wanted to save him from the circus life. But as an apartment is no place for a lion, Aslan came to us. He was a healthy cub, but very scared and overwhelmed with everything at the foundation. The first few months the keepers paid him a lot of attention, but they were replaced by someone else; our young lioness Ayla, a little over a year at the time, was the perfect candidate to match with Aslan. Both were still young and playful. We slowly let them get acquainted and in May 2016 we let them share an enclosure. The couple is now inseparable and teach each other how to be a lion. Hopefully these two stars will have a great future in the warm South Africa!