Species: African lion
Born: 2004
Comes from: German circus
Living arrangement: alone

This huge fellow arrived at Stichting Leeuw in 2016, after a life in a German circus. He was part of a group of five lions. They were castrated at a young age, which is the reason their manes didn’t develop. Also, they grew too big. The energy which normally goes to the development of the hormone system, went to growth, which caused malformations in the bone structure of these cats.
Sadly two of the five, Karl and Prinz, were extremely affected by growth problems. Despite several attempts to improve their condition, both lions could hardly use their legs when the weather turned colder. We decided to euthanise these animals.
Paul had to be put to sleep in July 2018, because he had an untreatable tumor in his jaw. Bingo had the same problem as Paul, so we had to say goodbye to him in September 2018.
During summer 2019 Hugo was matched with Ambra who was also alone. At the end of 2019 they moved to South-Africa.

Hugo, Bingo en Paul