Bruno & Omar

Bruno and Omar are brothers. Omar was born in a circus in Slovakia. As a cub he was bought by a man who thought it would be nice te have a lion. But when he fled the country, Omar was left in his small cage. The man’s father tried to sell the lion, which failed. Omar lost a lot of weight and his cage didn’t provide shelter from the cold. When a group of animal activists noticed that Omar was for sale, they alerted the Lion Foundation. In March 2015 the foundation rescued Omar, and restored him to good health in the shelter.

Bruno is from the same litter as Omar. He was kept in a cage at the home of a maffia boss. When this man died, his wife wanted to get rid of the lion and called the Lion Foundation, who picked him up in april 2015. Bruno was in much better condition when he arrived at the shelter, but displays some stressed behaviour.

Both lions are young enough to be relocated to the semi-wild. They will go to Emoya Big Cat Santuary in South-Africa in 2017.

Omar aankomst 04-03-2015


Omar 2017  bij Stichting Leeuw

Omar in Zuid-Afrika

Bruno bij Stichting Leeuw

Bruno in Zuid-Afrika