Nero & Masrya

Nero comes from a French circus, but was transferred to a Dutch circus as a cub. There people could pay to have their photograph taken with the lion cub. But when winter announced the end of the circus season, the circus didn’t know what to do with Nero. He was kept in a trailer. After a tip Stichting Leeuw picked up Nero. At the rescue facility he soon felt at home.

Masrya was a picture cub too. She is from Egypt. When she grew up, she was sold to a pet shop and kept in a two square meter cage. Often people would throw stones at her. A German tourist who witnessed this, contacted Stichting Leeuw. Once there, she was put together with Nero.

Nero and Masrya were the first lions to be moved to Africa, in May 2015. They now live in an enclosed stretch of nature. The keepers and volunteers there keep a close eye on the lions, but don’t interfere too much with them, so they can live like lions should. Nero and Masrya now feel completely at home and enjoy a free life.

Did you know…
… that Stichting Leeuw aims to return more lions to their natural habitat?

Help make this possible by adopting a lion.

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