Simba (B)

Species: African lion
Born: 2017
From: Irak
Living arrangement: alone

Simba arrived on 12 July 2019 at Stichting Leeuw. He lived in too small a cage on a busy market in Baghdad. The Dutch embassy/Defence arranged that Simba was confiscated and temporarily housed in a zoo. It took quite a while before Simba could come to us, but through persistance and good relations with Iraq Simba finally came to the Netherlands.
Because Simba had lost a lot of weight, the good people at the zoo spoiled him with food. In combination with not enough exercise he had too much fat. At Stichting Leeuw he is on a special diet and received lion fysiotherapy to increase muscle growth.

Simba in Irak

Simba in quarantaine

Voor het eerst in de hal