Species: Leopard
Born: 2019
Family: —
Comes from: France
Arrival here: 2020
Living arrangement: alone

Akilla’s story is special. She grew up in a private home in France. One day she escaped, or just went for a walk outside, through an open window. She walked on the eaves gutters of the house, in a residential area. This was all over the news. She was caught and confiscated, and taken to a zoo, from where she was ‘stolen back’ two days later. After a couple of months Akilla arrived at Stichting Leeuw. She spent some time in quarantine and now shares an outside enclosure with cougars Vincent and Noëlle. They take turns being outside. Akilla loves hiding high up, like a true leopard. She is quite daunted by people she doesn’t know and only feels comfortable with the regular keepers. With them she is very vocal and playful. This black panther is very beautiful, and she knows it – she acts like a diva and has this lofty look.

Akilla in the gutter in France Photo: De Standaard