Species: Siberian tiger
Born: 2015
Comes from: Italian animal park
Living arrangement: with Valesca

Kuma arrived in 2017 at Stichting Leeuw, from an animal park in Italy. This park gave shelter to his mother from a circus, when she was pregnant with Kuma. Unfortunately, the park had to say goodbye to a couple of big cats, because of a permit issue. Kuma is a very playful and inquisitive tiger. He loves to collect all his toys in the pond and jump right in with them! He is very fond of his female neighbours, with whom he regularly plays. Since 2019 he lives together with Valesca.
Kuma, as well as the Siberian triplets, were welcomed at Stichting Leeuw to eventually be moved to Russia, to contribute to conservation of the species. Some of these tigers will actually be part of this conservation project.