26 September 2019

Sandra Kuijmans


Simba B in the big hall for the first time

Simba b is doing so well, and is behaving so confidently, that we decided to introduce him to the hunting hall. He was already familiar with the way to the hall, so this time he agerly ran to and fro in the inside enclosures. He spent some time rolling about in Goha’s straw bed and then went straight to the corridor and into the hall. The corridor is a transport cart, positioned between the inside enclosures and the hall, to provide an entry into the hall. Just like his first time in his outside enclosure, he immediately started to examine everything. Very thoroughly. After that, it was time for play! Jurjen called Simba and at first it seemed he would go back through the corridor, but alas. Just before the corridor he started running! Sprinting through the entire hall. This was probably the first long run he ever had in his life. It reminded me of a cow allowed in the fields after a long winter. He clearly enjoyed it! After 15 minutes of few catch-me-if-you-can exercises (challenge and run off), he walked into the corridor by himself. Of course, there was a reward waiting for him. Despite the fact that he has no claws, we are quite confident that Simba B can participate in the hunting sessions soon.

Simba B in the hall


Cesar and Elsa

Busy times at Stichting Leeuw. We received two new lions, Cesar and Elsa. Two young, two-year-old lions, who were in private possession in Poland. The owner had to go to prison and the lions were temporarily stationed in Slovakia. From there Stichting Leeuw picked them up. They arrived very late in the evening at the quarantine building, where they will stay for a while. Unloading them went very smoothly. They were quite calm and immediately started examining their new enclosures. After resting for the night and sleeping in the next morning, they were reunited, which made them very happy. Now they spend a lot of time playing. Elsa is a bit more playful than Cesar and loves all the toys she’s given. The video shows Elsa playing with a paper bag.



Unloading Elsa

Elsa calmly lying down


How are things with:



Sarabi is one of the group of 4 circus lions. Amongst the ladies, Sarabi is second in rank. People don’t hear much about Sarabi and also she is adopted less frequently than the other animals. But Sarabi is actually a very nice lioness! Well, as far as lions go, of course, but for us keepers she’s pleasant to work with. Sarabi is a very good huntress, loves interaction with her pride but also with the keepers. She enjoys the training sessions and often walks up to us to see if there are any snacks to be had.



Ginger obviously is a stunning girl. She is doing very well. She likes to come and say ‘hello’ if you’re on the keepers’ path, but if it’s very busy she tends to keep to the back of her enclosure, hidden between the bamboo where you can hardly see her. Ginger likes to sit in the barrel in the outside enclosure and can also frequently be seen in her hammock.



Goha, our diva. Goha is one of the animals that have been at Stichting Leeuw the longest. She too comes from a circus. This elderly lady is a real character, really one of a kind. Doors need to open just the right amount for her to go through them. Meat has to be fresh enough for her to eat it. Sometimes she hunts, depending on her mood. We really can’t predict this. If she does hunt, she’ll do it gracefully and quite intensely. She usually uses her mouth to pull the meat off the simulator. So without using her paws, and even that she does gracefully. When she’s not so much in the mood, she will follow the meat at her own pace and doesn’t go through too much trouble. Sometimes she’s definitely not in the mood and ignores the prey completely. She’d rather roll about in the sand or take a bath in the pond.