10 October 2019

Sandra Kuijmans

When it rains

The weather is not always nice, but still the big cats have to go outside every day, as we have to clean the inside enclosures. Most animals don’t care if it rains, but some are convinced they will melt if they go out. Especially the lions are not pleased. Some two years ago we converted the outside platforms to cabins, where the animals can shelter against rain and wind. In the summer they provide shadow, something that the Siberian tigers especially appreciate. Since the animals can find a dry spot in these cabins, we feel less sorry for them when we ‘send’ them outside. Many are already outside when we arrive, even if it rains, but some really dislike it and will stay inside as long as possible. If we try to tell them to go outside, they will actually make protesting sounds. Especially Simba and Isolde get very vocal in telling us that they have no plans to leave the comfort of the underfloor heating.

Fred finds shelter in his cabin and Ginger in her barrel

I myself don’t like the rain either and if I walk on the outside keeper’s path, I regularly wear a cap and rain clothes. This makes me look very different, which triggers a reaction in some animals. For instance Ayla, who knows very well that it’s me, very much wants to grab me! You can see her dilemma, but she will contain herself. Her eyes speak volumes, though.

Ayla finding out who’s the one in the rain jacket

Kuma is a Siberian tiger who grew up in Milan. Which makes him a kind of snobbish Siberian. He lies inside when it rains, looking out as if there’s a flood. Valesca, his partner, is in the middle of the outside enclosure, worrying about nothing. Most lions don’t like rain, but Ayla doesn’t care at all. We used to have Bruno here, who would be outside in all kinds of weather, even snow! Which proves that not all animals are the same.

Kuma waits until it stops raining

Bakari, Jessy, Sarabi and Dumi

Remy’s present

Little Remy was found a year ago in a field in the middle of the country, in a dog bench. The year with us had definitely agreed with him; he’s doing very well! To celebrate his one-year anniversary, he received a present. Volunteer Shoshana is a teacher and prepared a tower cake out of cardboard boxes. Beautifully decorated! We placed it in the big hall for Remy. At first, he was a bit aloof. It was interesting, but also a bit scary. But eventually he picked the top box and took it up on the big rock.

Remy admires his presents

Guus the vet visits

Our vet Guus arrived again and he visited Elsa and Cesar, in the quarantine building. Cesar was vaccinated by means of the blow pipe. Elsa had to be sedated for a short while, for Guus to place an implant (for birth control). While she was out, he did some clinical exams and made an ultrasound. Guus has a mobile ultrasound machine, which we can easily roll into the enclosure. It enables us to see if her organs look normal. Elsa’s organs looked fine! She should lose some weight, because she’s a bit too big. But with her active lifestyle, that shouldn’t be a problem!


How are things with:


Ever since, sadly, Rudra passed away, Brami is trying to take over the leading role in the group. This doesn’t always work out, because the two ladies are quite feisty! But he’s doing his best. Some months ago, after all these years at Stichting Leeuw, Brami started hunting! In the beginning he was afraid to go into the big hall, as was Sita, so both stayed behind when Rudra and Laksmi walked into the hall. One fine day he suddenly entered the hall as well, but only if the others were in there already. Being on his own in the hall was not his thing. And now he’s hunting all alone in the big hall! So, he came a long way and it’s quite a milestone for him! Sometimes he’s still a little bit daunted, and he takes it easy.


Tyson is doing very well. For a long time he had a nasty wound on his tail, which healed very slowly, but is finally gone. He is good at lazing about, preferably outside, even if the nights start to get colder. He enjoys his cabin, which we filled with straw. He likes his peace and quiet, the attention he gets from his ladies (and neighbour Goha) and occasionally the inside hall.


Jessy is the feisty, dominant lady in the Bakari pride. She is the mother of Ayla, who also lives at Stichting Leeuw. She’s the only lioness not related to the rest of the group. She is an extremely good hunter, and still quite playful. So, she’s first in line at hunting sessions. Once she sets her mind to something, it has to happen, so you might say she’s a bit headstrong.