7 November 2019

Sandra Kuijmans

Donor Day

On the 2nd of November we had our annual Donor Day. As always, a big success! A good day with enthusiastic people!
The weeks before are usually a bit stressful. Everything needs to be organized, which is a lot of work, mainly for our office colleagues. For us, it was not so bad. We created a hunting programme and made animal presentations (going through many pictures and videos!). In the end, everything worked. We had a wheel of fortune, which meant prizes for many people, the hunting sessions went flawlessly, and the animal presentations were well received. A relaxed day, for the animals, for our team and for all donors.

Patricia presented the wheel of fortune

Aize helped turning the wheel of fortune

Joan, Frodo and Sabra manned the Stichting Leeuw Shop

Sandra gave animal presentations all day long

Removal of Hugo, Ambra, Simba and Isolde

Very exciting news! On Donor Day we announced the opening of the new Lions Foundation in South Africa (so nice that we can finally talk about it!). Eventually Hugo, Ambra, Simba and Isolde will move there, but first they will go to Emoya. As soon as the new location is ready, they will move to their final home there. We did a lot of crate training with them and they all respond well to that. It will lead to a relaxed way of loading them into the transport crates, with little stress.

Update on the cartonboard cathedral

In the last blog I wrote that Joyce donated a carton board cathedral and that we didn’t know yet who to give it to. In the end Sya and Chen got it and they kept it fairly intact. So, we could make another animal happy and we gave it to Fred, with the below result:

How are things with:


Vladimir is doing great. He leads a relaxed life and has his own habits. But he is definitely moving forward! He regularly is allowed to walk through several inside enclosures, to where the transport cart to the big hall is. We keep the hatch to the hall closed for now, but he is allowed into the cart. And lately he’s been doing so! When he is completely comfortable with the transport cart (which may take a while) we might open the hatch, so that our Vladimir too can enjoy the big hall.



Drago is a busy man. He has fun with his brother Iwan and is always doing something. Playing with toys, running back and forth along the fence with his neighbour Vladimir, and investigate everything again and again. Inside he rests comfortably on his plank bed, but he can also often be found in the big hall. There he hunts, takes ages to absorb all new scents, carries toys around and usually takes a dive into one of the ponds. He also enjoys the training sessions!


Simba b

Simba b has only recently joined us and has an unhappy past. The trip to Anna Paulowna was hectic and stressful. But now all these unhappy memories have gone! He is a very happy lion, young, playful and confident. Even though his claws were removed, he is a successful hunter. Even when there are many people watching, he hunts very well. He enjoys his time here; his comfortable firehose bed, the big hall, the peace and quiet outside, but also peeking at the visitors and his neighbours.