Big cat news!!

Big cat news!!

Yesterday a new resident of the Lion Foundation arrived. It is a female cougar of about 12 years old. Because she came to us just before Christmas, she was given the name Noelle.

For the first years of her life this animal was kept illegally by a private owner in the Netherlands. In 2006 she was confiscated, together with a male cougar. Animal park BestZoo in Best took the cougars in and have taken good care of them for years. After the male died, Noelle was on her own and she had to take turns in using an outside enclosure, for lack of space. For this reason the zoo decided to look for another park for this beautiful animal. Because the Lion Foundation has had a male cougar for a couple of years now, our Vincent, Noelle has come to us.

Hopefully the two animals will share an enclosure, if they get along. We can’t predict how long this will take and indeed if this will happen. It all depends on how the cats will react to each other. Noelle will be kept inside for the first few days, to get comfortable with her new environment and keepers. When she has settled in, she can go outside. After a while Vincent will move to the enclosure next to Noelle. The keepers will observe the cats closely and the cougars can get to know each other.

Patience is the key here…. As soon as Noelle can be admired by visitors, we will let you know on Facebook.

Team Lion Foundation