New leopard enclosure at Stichting Leeuw

Project objective:

Increase of shelter capacity at Stichting Leeuw, The Netherlands, through new leopard enclosure.

This project is part of: Increase shelter capacity for big cats – masterplan

Actions expansion in The Netherlands:

Stichting Leeuw’s shelter is located on Landgoed Hoenderdaell, an animal park. On this estate, near the Stichting Leeuw facilities, a wolf enclosure opened up. This enclosure is being turned into a home for two Persian leopards that currently live at the Stichting Leeuw shelter.

  • Renovate and refurbish existing wolf enclosure into new leopard home
  • Relocate two leopards to new enclosure – planned early 2021

Please note: the corona measures are interfering with the project’s progress.

The enclosure
Since August 2020 the enclosure for the Persian leopards is being built. The outside enclosure is big and there is a separation area and an inside enclosure. Leopards are excellent climbers, so much attention is given to the roof construction, which consists of steel cables and fencing. This was made possible by a large donation by a private sponsor.

The fencing of the inside enclosure was regalvanised. There are feeding hatches and hatches to fit the transport crates in which the leopards will be moved.

A special wish was to create a really nice pond in the leopards’ home. Stichting Leeuw made an appeal on Facebook to help raise the funds for this pond. This led to many positive messages and donations, and was also the reason an entrepeneur from the north of Holland approached Stichting Leeuw, to sponsor the Persian leopard with 5000 euro per year. Great news!!

In total an amount of € 6267 was raised, enough to have the pond installed by Valle Verzasca, a pond specialist with over 25 years experience. They added height to the enclosure by working with natural stone, which created an extra climb and hide element so that the leopards will feel safe in their new home.

One of the animal keepers arranged beautiful climbing trees, sponsored and delivered by the city of Alkmaar.

In the spring of 2021 the enclosure will be enriched with plants and other climbing materials, like plateaus in the trees, a hammock and horizontal branches which connect the treetops. Extra work on the fencing and adding a wooden fence will make sure the enclosure meets all official requirements for keeping leopards.

Would you like to contribute to the completion of the leopard enclosure? Please go to Donate and mention ‘leopard’.