Ambra and Hugo

As our lions Ambra and Hugo now both live on their own, it would be great if we could match these two. We already moved Hugo to Ambra’s enclosure, where they take turns in being outside. Through a fence in the hatch separating the inside and outside enclosure they can get to know one another.

We decided to relocate both lions to South Africa, at the same time as Simba and Isolde. Hugo and Ambra are not so young anymore, but we hope they can still spend a couple of comfortable and warm years in their original habitat.

At the moment we are waiting for the import documents for all four animals. As soon as we receive these, we can start planning the journey.

8 november moeilijk bereikbaar

Op donderdag 8 november zijn we bijna niet te bereiken, omdat ze bezig zijn met de toegangsweg.
De weg zal gedurende de ochtend vol staan met werkverkeer en er is ons beloofd dat ze rond 11.30 uur weer weg zijn. De weg wordt verbreed wat nodig is voor de brug die wordt vernieuwd. Eind november gaat de brug er geheel uit en is er een pontonbrug naast aangelegd. Hier kan het bestemmingsverkeer overheen, maar GEEN vrachtverkeer en tractoren.

Programme Donor Day 29th September 2018

Programme Donor Day 2018

Hoenderdaell Estate is open from 9 am. You can arrive any time you like. Please report to one of us with your invite.

Time Activity Location

Hunting simulator: lioness Jessy/ tigress Sita

great hall Lion Foundation

Question time with the keepers:

The keepers will be available to personally answer all your questions on the animals and their care.


Hunting simulator: lioness Ayla / lion Aslan

great hall Lion Foundation

Welcome and news by Robert Kruijff and Mystery Guest

great hall Lion Foundation

Hunting simulator: tiger Rudra / tigress Laksmi

great hall Lion Foundation

Question time with the keepers:

The keepers will be available to personally answer all your questions on the animals and their care.


Hunting simulator: lion Hugo / lioness Ambra

great hall Lion Foundation

From 10 am to 5 pm you are welcome in our tent for coffee and cake. For all our donors we have a very special surprise!

There will also be -special edition- Lion Foundation merchandise for sale at the stalls in the tent. Please also visit our food truck for a nice snack!!

For anyone who has difficulty walking, we have a golf cart with driver available to take you to the Lion Foundation. You can also reserve a wheelchair at the entrance. We have a limited number of wheelchairs, so please call ahead to reserve one.

We’re very much looking forward to meet you Saturday 29th September!

Team Lion Foundation

Donor day 29th September 2018

Donor day 29th September 2018

All invites were sent today (12th July), by email (please also check your spambox) or by mail if your email address is unknown to us.

Are you donor or have you adopted one of our animals and you didn’t receive an invite?
Please email or call 0223 531388 before 10th September.
Let us know your name, address and the number of people in your party (every donor is allowed 1 extra person).



Go to and book a tiger workshop.

Use the code STLFBA to receive a discount of 75 euro per ticket*.

* attention: to use this code you need to book for each person individually

Content of the tiger workshop:

  • Follow the keeper’s path to see eye to eye with the big cats.
  • See the inside enclosures, the operating room and the training hall.
  • Watch how the animals are transported to the training hall.
  • Watch a big cat hunt meat on the hunting simulator.
  • The highlight of the workshop: feed a tiger. Of course the participants will be safe from the animal behind the steel wire mesh. Only animals that are not suited for return to the wild will be fed in this way.
  • Receive more information about the objectives of the Lion Foundation.
  • Enjoy the animal park and the rest of the Estate Hoenderdaell, as entry is included in the workshop price.

Participants have to be 16 years or older. The workshop takes about 2,5 hours.
We regret that less-abled (both physically and mentally) visitors cannot participate.Wheelchairs and crutches are not allowed.