Ambra and Hugo

As our lions Ambra and Hugo now both live on their own, it would be great if we could match these two. We already moved Hugo to Ambra’s enclosure, where they take turns in being outside. Through a fence in the hatch separating the inside and outside enclosure they can get to know one another.

We decided to relocate both lions to South Africa, at the same time as Simba and Isolde. Hugo and Ambra are not so young anymore, but we hope they can still spend a couple of comfortable and warm years in their original habitat.

At the moment we are waiting for the import documents for all four animals. As soon as we receive these, we can start planning the journey.

Important information!

Wednesday January 17 there will be no hunting simulator sessions, because some of our animals will have their annual innoculations.

Heavy storms are expected on Thursday January 18. If the big cats have to be kept inside, there will be no hunting sessions that day. The estate may have to be closed.

Wanicare Foundation

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Wanicare Foundation, to support their Javan Leopard Release Program.
The Javan leopard is critically endangered. Six of these beautiful animals are now kept in rescue centre Cikananga on Java, because of conflicts with man.
In 2018 the first habitat assessments for potential release sites will be commencing. This is a crucial step for wild Javan leopards that can still contribute to the survival of the species in the wild.

See for more information on this important project.

Ready for take-off

Finally! Bruno and Omar will be relocated to Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa! There they will enjoy the African sun and savannah.
The exact dates will follow, but it is certainly going to happen in week 50. We know this is very short term, but we are dependent on paperwork…
We will miss these two brothers, but want nothing more than the best for them.


In 2016 we relocated Tristan, Nala and Asali to Africa. Many pictures showed them resting and playing on the savannah. We all hoped that these three lions would be able to enjoy the African sun for a long time to come.
Therefore we are very sad to report that Asali passed away last August.
We waited to share this terrible news with you until we knew the actual cause of death. The autopsy shows that Asali was in excellent health, so illness or consequences of the awful poaching incident in June are ruled out completely.
She died as a result of wounds on her throat.
We can only assume that the wild play of this pride ended in tragedy.
RIP Asali
We miss you.


Banners Landelijke Winnaars STICHTINGLEEUWThe Lion Foundation was awarded Beste Uitje 2017, a public award for the best day trip in the Netherlands. We would like to thank our donors, keepers and volunteers for this great success.

Special thanks also to the borough of Hollands Kroon, province North Holland. We hope to play an important part in the future recreational development in the north of our province.

Board Lion Foundation

Special group of retired circus animals

Lion Foundation new home to a special group of retired circus animals.

In February 2017 the Lion Foundation became the new home of a very special group of circus animals: tiger King, tigress Ursel and lioness Ambra.

These animals spent their whole life together and regard each other as congeneric. This is remarkable, because lions and tigers normally have very different habitats.

Because the big cats are already 13 years of age and very close, the Lion Foundation aims to keep them together.

Team Lion Foundation

Bijzondere groep