Today we welcomed a new lady to Stichting Leeuw, Afrodite: a beautiful tigress of only fourteen months old. She comes to us from a Greek zoo. Afrodite is a pure-bred Amur tiger, just like Vladimir, Valesca and Bohdana.

We are expecting two more tigers over the next few months. Our end goal is to find the perfect Amur tiger couple, so we can release them into the semi-wild in Russia where we cooperate with the Severtsov Institute.

Our tigers will be released in an enclosed area, where they will be fed live prey. We hope that our tigers will reproduce and that we can release the cubs in the wild when they are two years old. This procedure has already been successful with orphaned tigers, so we are cautiously optimistic.

AfroditeToday marks a new step in saving Amur tigers from extinction. We would like to thank all staff, volunteers, donors, adoptive parents, supporters and the board of Stichting Leeuw, because their support has made this possible.

We will post updates and photographs of this project regularly.

Robert Kruijff, director

1000th adoption

On Sunday 10th January 2016 we presented mrs. A.G.L. van der Meulen-Vis with the adoption papers for Bruno.
We’re very pleased to announce that she is the 1000th person to adopt an animal.