Our sponsors


Since the establishment of Stichting Leeuw, we have been supported by various companies and institutions. Along with our donors and volunteers, they are the driving force behind our being able to achieve our objectives. Due to changing European legislature, more and more circuses are deciding to cancel their acts with predatory animals. There is an increasing demand for rescue facilities for retired lions, tigers and other big cats. More and more of these animals are being cared for by the Stichting Leeuw rescue facility.

Without the support of companies, institutions, donors and volunteers we would be lost. That is why everyone here at Stichting Leeuw would like to thank anyone who has provided monetary or other support to our worthy cause. Together we can make sure that lions, tigers and other big cats have a future.

Would your company like to sponsor Stichting Leeuw and would you like to know more about the possibilities and current projects? Please email trude@stichtingleeuw.nl

Here are a few sponsors that have supported Stichting Leeuw:


LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group is official sponsor of these two lions since 2021. Their generous monthly contributions to The Lions Foundation covers the daily and medical care for Bruno and Omar.

LeoVegas’ employees, ‘Team Leo’, feel involved with the welfare of Bruno and Omar and have committed to annually help The Lions Foundation physically by taking part in the volunteer programme.

In return The Lions Foundation keeps LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group informed about the well-being of Bruno and Omar and will the name en LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group be mentioned several times on social media. Members of ‘Team Leo’ can expect a warm welcome in South Africa.


Puttenaar Interim & Advies supports Stichting Leeuw for an unspecified period with a yearly contribution, which is mainly meant for our Persian panthers Fred and Ginger. This company’s contribution covered the realisation of the nice pond for the new panther enclosure in 2020.

This entrepreneur feels very involved with the work of Stichting Leeuw and shows corporate social responsibility by supporting the big cats. All keepers and volunteers of Stichting Leeuw were pleasantly surprised by the Christmas present they received in 2020 – a personal thank you from Puttenaar Interim & Advies for their commitment to the animals.

This company will be kept in the picture about Fred and Ginger and will be invited to attend the release of the panthers in their new enclosure in 2021.


Kick and Rush football shop supports The Lions Foundation with a generous monthly gift, which can be spent on the care for the animals or any project. The men that started the Kick and Rush football shop are passionate about big cats and football..

Their webshop offers cool retro and unique vintage football shirts from all over the world, and also mouse mats, mugs, t-shirts and hoodies of Dutch football clubs. True fans will certainly appreciate their collection of Panini-books.

We encourage you to browse the webshop, you might well find a great present for yourself or someone else.


Proud Design designed the logo for Schrikkloof Private Nature Reserve, where The Lions Foundation is located. The owner also sponsors The Lions Foundation in South Africa.

This sponsor is kept informed about the developments in South Africa and was invited to visit the lion sanctuary project there. The Lions Foundation’s team will gladly give him a private tour.


PRD Business Intelligence gave a special gift in 2020, to build a new enclosure for lions in 2021 at The Lions Foundation. Four lions will be relocated from Stichting Leeuw in The Netherlands to a great new home in their natural habitat. This sponsor prefers to remain in the background and has asked that his contribution will be spent completely on a tangible project.

The Lions Foundation keeps this sponsor informed about the project’s progress and gives insight in the annual figures. The Lions Foundation can contact this entrepreneur every year about new projects, which forms the basis for a long-term commitment.


Stichting Bouwstenen voor Dierenwelzijn mainly supports animal welfare organizations in The Netherlands and the Kingdom of The Netherlands. In 2021 they supported Stichting Leeuw with a gift for relocating the lions Bakari, Jessy and Sarabi to South Africa.
With this gift Stichting Bouwstenen voor Dierenwelzijn covers the move of two lions and the costs for inspection, transport and accompaniment by animal caretakers.

More information on this project and other projects they support, can be found on their website.


The Dinamo fonds is a capital fund which annually supports projects related to animal welfare, nature conservation and monument protection.
In 2021 Stichting Leeuw received a donation to aquire two transport crates for the relocation of The Lions Bakari, Jessy and Sarabi to South Africa. This project helps the Dinamo Fonds to realize its objectives and to contribute to animal welfare.

More information about the fund and their work can be found on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/dinamo-fonds/


index_0Tebulo Engineering from Alkmaar has sponsored part of the necessary software package for the hunting simulator. Lions, tigers and other cats in the rescue facility are being prepared for a possible reintroduction to the (semi) wild. The hunting simulator is the first of its kind in the world; nowhere else cats are in this way prepared for a life in their natural habitat. We are very grateful to Tebulo Engineering for this generous investment in the well-being of the rescued animals of Stichting Leeuw.


indexYou can find her helping out at Stichting Leeuw every Saturday: Eliza van den Bijlaard. Our friendly volunteer helps lead workshops. During the week Eliza is a full-time employee at accountancy & financial advisory organisation PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). PwC has established the ‘What matters 2U’ foundation. The foundation rewards the non-profit organisations that PwC employees volunteer for. Thanks to Eliza’s efforts, Stichting Leeuw was rewarded with a € 750 gift. A big thank you from all the residents of the Stichting Leeuw rescue facility!