Schrikkloof Nature Reserve

Stichting Leeuw in Zuid-Afrika
Recently Stichting Leeuw had the unique opportunity to realise its own lion sanctuary in South Africa. This subsidiary of Stichting Leeuw, which will have the internationally more workable name of The Lions Foundation, is located in the nature reserve Schrikkloof in Limpopo province, only two hours drive from Johannesburg. This foundation will keep close ties with Stichting Leeuw in Anna Paulowna. Together we will be able to be even more active in realising our most important objective: rehabilitating sheltered lions to their original habitat and create room in The Netherlands for other big cats in need. In the African nature reserve lion enclosures of about 1.5 hectares will be built in large areas of bushveld. Care of the lions will be carried out by animal keepers, which reside on the estate, with the help of volunteers. This staff will be in close contact with the keepers of Stichting Leeuw, and will also keep our loyal donors, adoptive parents and followers informed about our lions. Follow The Lions Foundation on Facebook and Instagram!

‘Our’ nine lions which already live in South Africa – Nero & Masrya, Tristan & Nala, Omar, Bruno and the ladies Nora, Ziera en Mahli – will also have a new home at The Lions Foundation. Simba & Isolde and Hugo & Ambra will also move there soon, all very likely in January 2020. There, they can enjoy a wonderful new home. All these lions are still up for adoption – your contribution of a minimum of €10 per month will add to the well-being of all the big cats at The Lions Foundation as well as Stichting Leeuw. See k for more information on adoptions and donations. Thank you!

Visit us in Africa
Did you know you can visit The Lions Foundation? Maybe as part of your next South Africa trip, or as an add-on to your visit to the Kruger National Park.

During a Lions Experience you can see the lions in their new homes. You can visit for a day, but wouldn’t it be nice to stay a few nights at the breathtaking Schrikkloof Nature Reserve? Enjoy the private rooms, the local cuisine, the beautiful estate, the safari drives and the wellness facilities. See for more information and bookings. A large part of the Schrikkloof revenues will of course go to The Lions Foundation.

Volunteer home

Become a volunteer!
Like Stichting Leeuw,  The Lions Foundation will largely depend on the help of enthousiastic volunteers. You too can have the time of your life at Schrikkloof Nature Reserve, helping take care of the lions. We offer an extensive programme and great accommodation. See for more information and bookings.

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