Volunteers Education Area Lion Foundation

The balcony of the Lion Foundation building has been transformed into an education area, where people can read and learn all about our foundation and our resident animals. Visitor numbers are increasing, and it is important that there is always one of us around to answer any questions and to check if visitors respect our rules. We are looking for volunteers who can fulfil this role. Keeping the education rooms clean and tidy is part of this job.

Job description:
• Keeping the education rooms clean and tidy
• Answering questions of visitors
• Reminding visitors to respect our rules in a friendly manner
• Selling merchandise
• Giving information on adopting and sponsoring

Our requirements:
• Be representative for our foundation
• Good communicative and social skills
• Good command of Dutch and English, preferably also some German
• Set days and times (by contract, minimum of 1 full day a week)
• Minimum 18 years of age
• Prepared to do some cleaning tasks
• Prepared to learn about our foundation and the animals outside working hours, to be able to provide information

Are you what we’re looking for?
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