Relocation lions to The Lions Foundation

In South Africa, despite the Covid crisis, things have not been quiet lately.
And now we can share great news: all our animals have been moved to our own rescue centre: The Lions Foundation at Schrikkloof Private Nature Reserve. All animals are in good shape and are getting used to their new enclosures and keepers. The animals will stay in separated areas first and will be moved to their large enclosures after they’ve settled in.
The two brothers, Omar and Bruno, will get to know their new neighbours and might be matched with some of them in the future.
Mahli had been feeling out of place in Norah and Ziera’s group, so she is now living next to Omar. Norah and Ziera have become Bruno’s neighbours. Over the next weeks, we will see whether the animals can get used to each other and whether they might even approach each other.
Before the big move, Masrya was admitted to Dr. Peter Caldwell’s clinic, as he is our resident vet. Masrya was feeling unwell and had to be examined. The results showed that Masrya’s kidneys weren’t working properly, so she was treated and given medication, and now that she is doing better she is back together with Nero.
She had lost weight because she hadn’t been eating properly, but recently she has started eating more and we are hopeful she will recover.
We would like to thank Emoya for their cooperation and their care for our animals these past years.
We are very proud of our own amazing location and our South African colleagues.
The coming months will see work starting on the enclosure for the four lions: Bakari, Jessy, Sarabi and Dumi. They will be the next animals to move to this wonderful place.
Soon, several Stichting Leeuw employees will be visiting the new site and we will be able to give you updates more frequently.

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